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The Advantages of Food Paper Tube Packaging

The Advantages of Food Paper Tube Packaging

In the four pillars of modern packaging - paper, plastic, metal, glass materials. Among them, paper products have the fastest growth. Paper and plastic are the cheapest. The raw materials are widely sourced, and they are not as fragile as glass, nor as heavy as metal. Paper products are easy to carry.

So what are the advantages of Food Paper Tube packaging?

1. Long history, recyclable

Paper is the oldest and most traditional packaging material with a long history. Its 100% degradable properties are beyond the reach of plastics and metals. Paper products are easy to corrode and can be recycled or used as plant fertilizers. It can also reduce environmental pollution and purify the air. Moreover, the paper used for food packaging also requires hygiene, sterility, and no contaminating impurities.

2. Exquisite high-end

Under the trend that people not only pay attention to product quality, but also pay more and more attention to product packaging, people have higher and higher requirements for product appearance and packaging, and all kinds of food have become gifts for relatives and friends. A good design and carving space can fully demonstrate the advantages and characteristics of the modified product. Paper Tube food packaging is the first choice for high-quality food gift products. This type of packaging will also be visually different from other similar products, so that the product can be homogenized. Under the trend of sudden emergence.

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3. Green environmental protection

The number of packaging products produced in the country every year is staggering. If all packaging is made of plastic, more non-degradable waste will be generated.

In recent years, the international health organization and domestic environmental protection experts believe that the use of plastic food bags will be gradually banned in domestic and foreign markets, and the packaging industry has also advocated green packaging in recent years. . Paper Tube packaging is more in line with the concept of environmental protection, and Paper Tube packaging will gradually replace plastic packaging.

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4. conducive to preservation

It is good for food preservation. The food itself should be stored in a dry place. The moisture-proof function of snakeskin woven bags or sacks or plastic packaging is extremely poor, which is also harmful to the human body. It is easy to cause mildew, insects, and chemical residues in rice. Insect-proof and moisture-proof, safe and harmless functions can avoid unnecessary waste to a great extent.

On the whole, the packaging and printing industry is more inclined to develop in the direction of environmental protection, beauty, and powerful functions. Paper Tube food packaging has just adapted to the field of environmental protection packaging, and will be called the mainstream of food packaging in the near future.

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So when Paper Tube packaging has gradually become a major trend in packaging in the world, are you not ready to join it? Click our home page for get free samples:



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